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Amardeep Eye Care

It is a modern, state-of-the-art, super specialty eye hospital.

Amardeep Eye Care is a leading eye care centre in Thiruvananthapuram with its services dating back to more than 15 years. It has all the latest facilities for Eye Care with an expert panel of doctors and very dedicated team of staff members. The hospital is fully-fledged with the most sophisticated machines with latest technology for ocular testing & treatment. The comprehensive eye care, as well as the specialty clinics, give utmost importance to screening, diagnosis & management of various ocular disorders.

Our mission is to provide total eye care to the patients using the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Best Of The Best

Our Facilities

The hospital has a well equipped out patient department with refraction test, slit lamp evaluation,applanation,non contact tonometry and direct , indirect ophthalmoscopy units. In addition, there is a Contact lens clinic , Low vision clinic, Paediatric ophthalmology and squint clinic, Glaucoma clinic and Vitreo-retinal clinic. Also available is a highly equipped cataract clinic with facilities for keyhole cataract surgery (Phaco emulsification with foldable intra ocular lens) and conventional cataract surgery.

We also routinely perform different laser procedures, Glaucoma surgeries, and Orbital Oncology & Oculoplastic surgeries. The hospital is equipped with all instruments needed for advanced ophthalmic evaluation and management. Constellation Vitrectomy Machine (USA), Leica Operation Microscope (Switzerland), Optical coherence Tomogram (Carl Zeiss Germany), Lumenis Green Laser (US), Canon Fundus Camera (Japan), Humphrey Field Analyzer (Carl Zeiss, USA), Pachymeter (Zonomed USA), Specular Microscope (Topcon)Applanation Tonometer,(Inami Japan, Appasamy, Chennai) Non-contact Tonometer (Keeler), Diode Laser (Appasamy, Pondichery), Diode Laser DCR surgery(Italy), to name a few.

Operation Theatre

We offer top-of-the-line surgical equipment.

The hospital has two major air-conditioned operation theatres with world class equipments including operating microscopes, phaco emulsification machine, vitrectomy machine, pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor defibrillator and Boyle’s apparatus..

To ensure maximum sterilization of the theatre, the hospital makes use of the latest technology under the strict aseptic protocol. A UV CLAIR air-cleaning machine for class 100 air is used for additional protection against infection. Using UV light and HEPA FILTER this system can cut off particles up to 0.3-micron size. All eye surgeries are done here by excellent surgeons with the utmost surgical care and expertise.